We can offer a range of support for DofE activities, ranging from supervision and assessment for expeditions, through to a full training package to prepare young people for the Expedition section of their award.

Training packages are based on the DofE training schedule, but can be tailored to the particular needs of specific groups and available venues.  Training can include:

Navigation to the standard appropriate for the expedition area and level. For 2016, we plan to offer the NNAS navigation award as an option for Silver and Gold DofE groups. This would allow participants to gain a recognised national qualification in navigation, thereby adding value to the attainment of their award.

First Aid can also be included in the training package, again with the option to include a recognised qualification for Silver and Gold level participants. All first aid training will include training in emergency procedures and recognising and managing hazards.

Campcraft including instruction in the safe use of the most common types of cooker used on DofE expeditions, selecting menus for expeditions and hygiene around the campsite.  Participants are given practice in erecting the type of tents they will be using during the expedition and, if they are providing their own, we can offer a ‘tent check’ to ensure that their tents are appropriate to the type of area their expedition will take place in.

Kit Selection can include advice to participants and their parents on the type of equipment and clothing most suitable for the expedition area, minimising the weight carried, and how to pack and carry expedition equipment in order to minimise discomfort.

Please feel free to contact us here if you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail.