Ben Lawers: first snow of 2014

I met up with a few friends today to take a walk up some of the Munros which form part of the Ben Lawers massif. The weather forecast was suggesting that overnight snow showers might leave at least a cosmetic covering, and we got exactly that as we arrived at the Lawers hotel. The plan was to pick off the three Munros at the east end of the range and, as I have a plan in mind to try the complete 7 munro traverse once the snow arrives in earnest, I was keen to refresh my memory about the route at this end of the hill.

We picked up the snow as we got to the top of Meall Greigh, although we had to wait until nearer the summit of Meall Garbh to get extensive cover. The cold crisp conditions had the added benefit of welding together the loose chossy surface of the path up An Stuc, making it an easy romp up to the summit. We did briefly contemplate continuing to Ben Lawers itself, but family commitments back home meant some of us needed to head back – it was Nov 5th after all – so down we went, rounding off an excellent first winter day out with the sight of the moon rising over the hills to the south and into the clear night sky. Good start to the season – now for more snow!