October Expeditions

It’s been a busy little spell over the last few weeks, working with some of the young people at SiMY Community Development to help them get ready for their DofE expeditions. By the time the October holidays arrived we had one Silver and one Bronze group ready to go, with another group unfortunately having to postpone because of illness amongst the team. Ingrid and I took the Silver group out at the start of the week, then Cat completed her supported assessment with the bronze group to round off the week.

Both groups had planned their routes in the general Abernethy/Rothiemurchus area, and we made use of the Cairngorm Christian Centre as a base for the week – it’s a warm and welcoming little place in Kincraig, and made an excellent base for the young people to make final preparations and set off from.

We were fortunate to get a spell of settled weather for the entire week, although the Silver group awoke to find the flysheets of their tents stiff with frost on the second day of their trip. Both groups did really well, with their respective assessors commenting favourably on their attitude towards the expedition and the skills they demonstrated during their trips. Seeing another eight young people complete their expeditions in such a strong fashion was a really encouraging way to round off this year’s DofE expedition season.

Thanks as well to the two assessors; Lizzy Maskey and Russell Zentheon, for the constructive and encouraging way they interacted with the groups.