Ardverikie – DofE Gold

Just back from a fairly strenuous weekend assessing a Gold DofE group as they made their way from Corrrour Station to Spean Bridge via Culra.

The first day’s weather was a bit grim, and I ended up giving the supervisors a little bit of assistance with an unexpectedly tricky river crossing, but the remaining three days saw the weather playing ball and the 2 teams from Allander Open Group and Turnbull High put in a really strong performance,effortlessly navigating their way round the area and demonstrating some really strong teamwork along the way. It was a real pleasure to see them at work, and an excellent example of how the award scheme can support and encourage young people’s development and growth if it’s managed effectively.

It was also a worthwhile learning experience for myself – as someone who’s relatively new to the DofE setup, it was useful to watch an experienced leader like Alison Higham at work – Alison has run the Allander group for longer than would be gentlemanly to specify, but the enthusiasm and energy she still brings to the task is pretty inspirational to see. The whole setup had a really positive atmosphere, and it was great fun to work with the young people and leaders for the 4 days we were together.