Lurcher’s Crag

lucyTook at trip out to Lurcher’s Crag today with the lads from Falkirk Community Trust. In common with much of this winter, conditions were fairly challenging, with a strong SE wind knocking us about as we made our way to and from the crag, and rising temperatures leading to a gradual thaw of the snow on the crag. Despite the conditions, we managed to get a decent route in, working our way up Quinn III, ** after abseiling in from the top of the crag.

The wind wasn’t much of a problem during the climb itself, but as we topped out, a sharp tug on the rope indicated that Lucy had been knocked flat by a rapidly increasingly wind. Fortunately, the wind was on our back as we made our way back to the van, and we got back in record time.

Good day out and, as always, it was an added bonus to have someone else driving so I could sleep for most of the way home.